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How to Recycle Bottles into Crafts


Here is a collection of drink bottle crafts you can try. Find creative ways to recycle empty drink bottles into fun craft projects. You can also submit your drink bottle craft project to be included in this collection. If you make any of these crafts, make sure you send in a photo to be posted.

Bottle and Sock Snow Woman

Bottle and Sock Snow Woman Craft
This adorable snowman was made by a visitor named Anneliese using a drink bottle covered with a sock as the head and body.

Colorful Mosaic Vase

Colorful Mosaic Vase
Save all of your small paper scraps next time you are working on a project that uses colorful paper, and then use them to make this fancy vase.

How to Make a Lava Lamp

Bottle Cap Craft
Watch this video and learn how to turn an empty drink bottle into a fun lava lamp.

Instant Bubble Blower

Instant Bubble Blower
If you make any crafts that only require the use of the bottom of a bottle, follow these directions to use the top to blow bubbles.

Instant Noise Maker

Instant Noise Maker Craft
To make this project, you need to make sure your bottle is completely dry inside. Once you are sure it is dry, fill it with white or colored rice and even several small trinkets.

Patio Light Cover

Patio Light Cover Craft
To make this craft you need to cut a plastic drink bottle in half. Save the lid for another project but make sure you use both halves to make these light covers.

Plastic Bottle Planters

Plastic Bottle Planters
Use these suggestions and learn how you can use the bottom of a plastic bottle as a decorative planter.

Pop Bottle Poultry

Pop Bottle Poultry
Learn how you can create an adorable chicken using an empty soda pop bottle and these instructions submitted by a visitor just like you.

Recycled Easter Basket

Recycled Easter Basket Craft
This cute little basket is made using the bottle section of a plastic bottle. You can make one for Easter or for any occasion.

Western Centerpiece

Coke Bottle Craft
A visitor named Dorothy explains how she made this western-themed decoration using a round soda bottle that is available during the holiday season.
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