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How to Make Your Own Easter Baskets


If you want to use homemade Easter baskets this year, you can find one or more projects here to help you out. If you make any of these crafts, make sure you send in a photo so it can be posted here. You can also get your own Easter crafts published.

Bunny Easter Basket

Bunny Easter Basket Craft
Use these directions to make a bunny-shaped basket out of a paper plate.

Clay Pot Bunny Basket

Clay Pot Bunny Easter Basket Craft
You can create one or more of these cute little baskets that can be used as decorations or to hold Easter treats.

Colorful Easter Baskets

Colorful Easter Baskets
A visitor nicknamed Sassy Gal explains how you can craft colorful Easter baskets using strawberry-type containers.

Edible Easter Basket Cup

Edible Easter Basket Cup
Use this recipe to make an Easter basket you can actually eat.

Ice Cream Bucket Basket

Ice Cream Bucket Basket
Challenge yourself to create a unique Easter basket using an empty ice cream bucket.

Jelly Bean Basket

Jelly Bean Easter Basket
Make a tiny basket you can use to hold small treats or to decorate your house or hang from a tree.

Paper Mache Easter Egg Basket

Paper Mache Easter Egg Basket
You can use paper mache techniques and a balloon to make an Easter basket. Use a large balloon to make an over-sized basket or a smaller balloon to make several small ones.

Plastic Egg Basket

Plastic Egg Easter Basket Craft
This tutorial shows you how to make a cute Easter decoration out of a plastic egg.

Coffee Container Bunny Basket

Recycled Bunny Easter Craft
This adorable little bunny, made from a flavored coffee container with a lid, will keep all your Easter treats safe.

Recycled Easter Basket

Recycled Easter Basket
Learn how to make an Easter basket out of a portion of a plastic bottle.

Woven Easter Baskets

Woven Easter Baskets
Learn how you can make a basket just like this one made by a visitor nicknamed Sassy Gal.
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