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Easter Crafts and Activities

Free Easter crafts, games, gift ideas, and other activities


Easter Crafts and Activities

Easter Crafts and Activities

Sherri Osborn
Are you looking for some fun Easter crafts for kids and families? I hope this collection of crafts, coloring book pages, games, and other activities helps you to have a fun and festive Easter.

  • Coloring and Crafting Easter Eggs - Find a variety of different egg crafts. You can make egg crafts, play egg games, and print out egg coloring pages.

  • Printable Easter Pages - Download and print out cards, coloring pages, bingo games, and many more Easter projects.

  • Dyeing Eggs - This year, discover how you can have fun dyeing your eggs using a variety of different methods.

  • Creative Easter Snacks - If you are looking for a creative snack for your family gathering or to send as a classroom treat, check out all of these recipes.

  • Easter Poop Gag Gifts - Use these directions to make silly gag gifts for all of your friends and family.

  • Basket Crafts - Browse through this collection of homemade baskets and choose one or more to make.

  • Bunny Crafts - It just wouldn't be Baster with the bunny. Learn how to make a variety of bunnies that you can use as decorations or give as gifts.

  • Plastic Egg Crafts - If you find yourself with an over-abundance of plastic eggs, consider using them to make some of these crafts.

  • Peeps Candy Crafts - I hate to admit it, but I am not a huge Peeps candy fan. Instead of eating them, I would rather make these crafts.

  • Easter Preschool Crafts - I hope you find several crafts your preschooler and toddler will love in this collection.

  • Homemade Easter Cards - If you are looking for inspiration to help you make cards to send out for Easter, check out all of these creations.

  • Free Easter Beaded Pin Designs - Use the patterns here to craft cute pins you can wear or give to friends and family.

  • A Festive Easter - When you are ready to decorate for Easter, check out these homemade decoration ideas.

  • Talk About Easter - Drop by the message board and talk about this holiday with others.

I hope you enjoy all of these Easter crafts and activities. If you make any of these crafts, make sure you send in a photo to be included in this collection. You can also get your Easter crafts published. If you want to be one of the first to know when new craft projects are posted, take a few moments to sign up for the Family Crafts Newsletter and you can also chat about Easter with others in the Family Crafts Forum.
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