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Easter Bunny Crafts

Free Easter Bunny Crafts and Patterns


Learn how tou can create a variety of Easter bunny crafts. If you make any of these, make sure you send in a photo to be included in this collection. You can also get your bunny crafts published here.

Paper Plate Bunny

Bunny Easter Basket Craft
Discover how easy it is to make this cute little bunny by doing just a little more than folding a paper plate in half.

CD Easter Bunny Craft

CD Easter Bunny Craft
Grab an old CD and follow these suggestions for turning it into a cute Easter bunny.

Chocolate Easter Bunny

Chocolate Easter Bunny Craft
This project is great for even the youngest kids. Everyone will have fun fingerpainting with chocolate pudding to create sweet bunny pictures.

Clay Pot Easter Bunny Craft

Clay Pot Easter Bunny Craft
Learn how you can recycle old flower pots into cute bunny faces.

Easter Bunny Beaded Safety Pin

Easter Bunny Beaded Safety Pin Design
Download this pattern and you can make an Easter bunny pin out of beads and safety pins.

Easter Bunny Craft Foam Visor

Easter Bunny Craft Foam Visor
You can pretend you are the Easter bunny when you make and wear this cute hat.

Easter Bunny Face Beaded Safety Pin

Easter Bunny Face Beaded Safety Pin
This beaded safety pin pattern features a cute bunny face you will have fun making.

Easter Bunny Paper Mache Pinata

Easter Bunny Paper Mache Pinata
This tutorial shows you how to create a pinata that looks like a bunny face. You can have fun making it and filling it with Easter treats and then let all of the kids have fun hitting it to get the treats.

Plastic Egg Bunny

Plastic Easter Egg Bunny Craft
Use these directions and some basic craft supplies to turn an ordinary plastic egg into a cute little bunny.

Recycled Bunny Craft

Recycled Bunny Craft
This bunny is made out of any small container with a lid. He will keep your treats safe and sound until you are ready to eat them.

Wash Rag Bunny

Wash Rag Bunny Craft
All you need to make this cute bunny is a washrag, a few rubber bands, wiggle eyes, a little pom-pom, and a ribbon.

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