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Cut Fabric and Muslin Squares
Cut Fabric and Muslin Squares

Cut Fabric and Muslin Squares

Sherri Osborn
Start out by cutting the fabric and muslin. My Bean Bags were simple squares, but you can make them any shape you like. Cut two pieces of fabric for each bean bag you are making. I cut my squares (the red and blue fabric in the picture) so they were 7-inches by 7-inches. Also cut two pieces out of the muslin, the same shape as your fabric, but about an inch smaller (I cut mine to 6-inches x 6-inches). The muslin is actually what you will put the beans in. The muslin bag will then be sewn into the larger shell.

The specifications I used for making the bean bags pictured here are for a fun outdoor bean bag game called 'Cornhole'. You can find directions for making the Cornhole Game Board here.

Next we will start sewing the fabric squares...

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