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Crafts Made With Egg Cartons

Find Creative Ways to Recycle Egg Cartons


What do you do with empty egg cartons? While you can donate your unwanted egg cartons to a nearby farm or try to recycle them, why not make crafts out of them. Browse through these projects and submit your own.

Sea Creatures

Sea Creatures Craft
Find several tutorials you can use to make different critters from the sea including a fish, a crab, a jellyfish, and many others.

Decoupaged Jewelry or Desk Organizer

Decoupaged Jewelry or Desk Organizer
Cover an egg carton using coordinating fabric cut into small pieces and you can use it to hold small treasures or organize office supplies.

Carton Full of Cupcakes

Carton Full of Cupcakes
Decorate an egg carton and use it to hold tasty, little cupcakes. Embellish it to suit a special occasion or to fit the recipients personality.

Egg Carton Bug

Egg Carton Bug Crafts
Have some fun experimenting with egg carton cupa and craft supplies to see what kind of bugs you can create.

Egg Carton Bell

Egg Carton Bell Craft
Learn how to make a shiny bell ornament out of a single egg carton cup, some foil, and a jingle bell.

Basketball Hoops Egg Carton

Basketball Hoops Egg Carton Craft
Not only can you craft this basketball hoop you can play with it once it is complete.

Pig Craft

Pig Craft
This adorable little pig is made out of two egg carton cups along with some basic craft supplies.

Bumble Bee Craft

You can make six of these chubby bees out of a single egg carton using this project sheet.

Flower Bouquet Craft

Flower Bouquet Craft
Discover how easy it is to make flowers out of egg carton cups. You can make flowers that look like tulips of flowers that look like daisies.

Animal Nose Mask

Animal Nose Mask Craft
Follow these directions and learn how you can create a fun nose mask using an egg carton cup and supplies you may already have in your craft cupboard.
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