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How to Make a Toad Village

Learn How to Make Toad and Frog Villages


How to Make a Toad Village

How to Make a Toad Village

Sherri Osborn
Learn how to build a toad house and other buildings and items you can use to create an entire toad village.

Build it, and they will come... At least we can hope so! Build a tiny toad village in your garden and, if you are lucky, the toads will move in and keep your garden free of unwanted bugs and slugs.

You can attract toads to your garden, create a wonderful garden decoration, and have some creative family fun all at the same time. Best of all, this can be achieved for little or no cost. You can easily create a toad haven using items you may have lying around your house.

Other than the flowers I already had planted and the nice rocks I have been fortunate enough to find, we made toad and frog houses, a pool, some rustic small fences, and a welcome sign. Use the suggestions I provide and your own imagination to create a mini-village for your friendly, neighborhood toads.

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