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Homemade Gift Ideas for Teachers

How to Make Teacher Gifts and Crafts


Why not craft a special, homemade gift for your favorite teacher? These gift ideas are perfect to give at the end of the school year, the beginning of the school year, or any time of the year. Browse through this list of ideas to find the perfect gift to craft for your teacher. Once you make your gift, you can also make a card or gift tag; then, you can use these creative gift wrapping ideas for the perfect finishing touch.

Printable Certificates for Teachers

Printable Certificates for Teachers
Download one or more of these and you can print out a fun certificate to give to a special teacher.

School Days Beaded Safety Pins

School Days Beaded Safety Pins
Learn how you can make a collection of fun pins to give as a gift to all of your teachers.

Colorful Hall Passes

Colorful Hall Passes Craft
Learn how to use craft foam to craft fun hall passes you can give as back-to-school a gift to your teacher. You can make one for every destination.

Apple For My Teacher Card

Apple For My Teacher Card
This fancy card, shared by Trish from PolyClayPlay, will be appreciated by any teacher.

Teacher Thank You Card

Teacher Thank You Card Craft
A visitor named Heather shared this project. This card sends a special message using Smartie and Dum-Dum brand candies.

Teachers Help Kids Grow

Teachers Help Kids Grow Craft
Follow these instructions and you can make a nice handprint t-shirt, canvas bag, or picture to give to a nice teacher!

Back-to-School Calendar

Back-to-School Calendar
Watch this great video and learn how you can craft a fun calendar for your favorite teachers.

Teacher's Survival Kit

Teacher's Survival Kit
Learn how to make a unique gift for a favorite teachers using a collection of small items and this printable tag or label.

School Fun Paper Crafts

School Fun Paper Crafts
These paper crafts are fun to make and give to a teacher or to use as decorations.

Chalkboard Clipboard

Chalkboard Clipboard Craft
If your teacher likes to use a clipboard, follow these directions to make them a custom one using chalkboard paint.
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