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100 Homemade Gift Ideas

Great Gifts to Make and Give


11. Printable Calendars

Printable Calendars
Create a free printable calendar for yourself or to give as gifts using these printable calendar page templates. Add your own creative touches to make each calendar page unique.

12. Printable Certificates and Awards

Printable Certificates and Awards
Sherri Osborn
If you are looking for a fast and easy gift for someone special, check out these printable certificates. There are certificates specifically for moms, dads, grandparents, and many others.

13. Printable Coupons

Printable Coupons
Sherri Osborn
Here are some fun coupons you can print out to give as gifts. These are especially great to put in greeting cards or as stocking stuffers, or you can print out several and make them into a little booklet!

14. Air Freshener Craft

Air Freshener Craft
Follow these directions shared by Sassy Gal and learn how you can craft a special air freshener to give as a gift.

15. Decoupaged Fabric Clock

Decoupaged Fabric Clock
Use these instructions and you can create a personalized clock using strips of Fabric. This would be a great gift for anyone.

16. CD Photo Ornament Craft

CD Photo Ornament Craft
Grab an old CD, a photo, and some basic craft supplies and you can create a personalized ornament to give to someone special.

17. Beaded Pen and Pencil Wraps

Beaded Pen and Pencil Wraps
Discover how easy it is to make fancy pen and pencils to give as gifts. To make it extra-special, use beads in the recipient's favorite colors.

18. Decoupage Paperweight

Decoupage Paperweight
Use fancy scrapbook paper to create a colorful paperweight to give as a gift or even to keep.

19. Decoupaged Plate

Decoupaged Plate
Learn how you can use decoupage techniques to personalize a clear, glass plate that you can give as a gift.

20. Blooming Flower Pens

Blooming Flower Pens
This cute, flower-topped pen will be a hit with a favorite teacher, a special student, an efficient secretary, or anyone else.
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