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What can you make out of an old greeting card? It can be a Christmas card, a birthday card, or any other card. Your project can use one or more cards. Browse through these projects and submit your own.

Crocheted Greeting Card Bowl

Crocheted Greeting Card Bowl
Check out these instructions, shared by a Edith, and you will learn how easy it is to make a bowl using simple crochet techniques and old greeting cards. She used Christmas cards but you can use cards from any occasion.

Greeting Card Box

Greeting Card Box Craft
This tutorial takes you step-by-step through the process of creating a small gift bow out of a greeting card. You can fill them with small gifts and even hang them on your Christmas tree.

Greeting Card Gift Bag

Greeting Card Gift Bag Craft
A visitor named Ellen shares how she recycles both greeting cards and paper bags. By decorating paper bags with old greeting card, she creates one-of-a-kind gift bags.

Greeting Card Gift Tags

Greeting Card Gift Tags
Discover how easy it is to make your own small gift tags by doing little more than cutting up old greeting cards you have received.

Greeting Card Picture Re-Design

Greeting Card Picture Re-Design
Submitted by Sheiscrafty
A visitor named nicknamed Sheiscrafty submitted this project about recycling a greeting card using her computer.

Paper Ornament

Paper Ornament Craft
While the ornament Belva created was created out of paper, you can easily make one of these using greeting cards instead of paper.

Postcards from Greeting Cards

Postcards from Greeting Cards
I think this is probably the simplest way to recycle greeting cards. In most instances, all you need to do is cut off the back.
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