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Funny Epitaphs for Your Tombstone Crafts

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Funny Epitaphs

Funny Epitaphs

Whether you make cardboard tombstones, wooden tombstones, or styrofoam tombstones, you will surely want to include a creative and funny epitaph. No tombstone would be complete without some sort of sentiment, no matter how funny or creative it is! I bet you can think of even more funny epitaphs, if so please take a moment to share them using this simple form.

Here are some funny epitaphs and creative tombstone names we have used and also some others for your consideration.

Funny, Yet Appropriate, Tombstone Names

  • Abbie Normal
  • Art U. Next
  • Berry D. Hatchet
  • Barry DaLive
  • Ben Dismembered
  • Ben Dover
  • Dawn Under
  • Diane Rott
  • Fester N. Rott
  • I. Emma Ghost
  • I. M. Gone
  • Izzy Gone
  • Justin Pieces
  • Kerry M. Off
  • M.T. Tomb
  • Manny Bones
  • Otta B. Alive
  • R. U. Next
  • Reid N. Weep
  • Ted N. Buried
  • Wil B. Back
  • Willy Rott
  • Yule B. Next

Funny Epitaphs

  • As You Are Now So Once Was I, As I Am Now You Soon Will Be, Prepare For Death And Follow Me.
  • Dare to Disturb
  • Do Not Open Until October 31st (shovel propped next to it)
  • Elvis, Deal With It!
  • Elvis, Or Is it?
  • Here Lies Larry Bass, Missed The Brake and Hit The Gas
  • Here Lies Lester More. No Les, No More ...
  • Here Lies My Wife, I Bid Her Goodbye. She Rests in Peace, and Now So Do I.
  • Here Lies Ron D. Vous, He met with death.
  • Here Lies Slim (tall, thin headstone)
  • Here Lies Tiny (very small headstone)
  • Hey! Get off me!
  • I Told You I Was Sick
  • I'll Be Back
  • I'm with stupid
  • I was Fred, Now I'm dead
  • Mary Aster, Should Have Walked a Little Faster
  • Once I Wasn't, Then I Was, Now I Ain't Again
  • Reserved for You
  • Rest in Pieces (body parts scattered around)
  • Your Name Here

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