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How To Do Iris Folding


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Download Free Iris Folding Templates
Download Free Iris Folding Templates

Download Free Iris Folding Templates

Sherri Osborn
I have created 3 color-coded iris folding patterns you can download, either in .jpg format or .pdf format.

In my research of iris folding, all of the different templates I found were all numbered with a list of what strips of paper should be matched up with what number. I color coded my templates because I felt it was easier to simply follow the colors than to keep referring to a list of numbers.

These templates are approximately 6-inches tall and wide. You can use a graphics program or your printer settings to print them out bigger or smaller, depending on the size your design window is.

To make the heart in this tutorial, I used the square iris folding template.

Download one or all of these templates and print them out. You can reuse each template several times.

Once you download and print your iris folding template or templates, you can cut out your design window...

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