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Cotton Angel Ornament

How to Make An Angel Using Cotton


Cotton Angel Ornament

Cotton Angel Ornament

ArchHost shares these directions for making an adorable angel out of cotton right off of the plant!

Materials Needed:

  • Cotton Off the Stalk
  • Cotton Leaves
  • Cotton Buds
  • Large Bead for Head
  • Ribbon
  • Doll Hair
  • Fake Gold Ring Band
  • Hot Glue and Gun


  1. Cut the cotton off the stalk (I live in NC and we have it growing everywhere).

  2. Around the top of it, find some leaves for the wings, and some of the buds for the arms. You have to be creative here, and just play around with it. I think all of mine turned out different with this part.

  3. I used pearl balls for the head. I got these at Michael's and they were on a stalk. There were about 24 on the stalk for 69 cents. Can you say cheap project?

  4. I added different color ribbon under the head. Gold and silver are very pretty.

  5. I added curly doll hair to the top with hot glue. And I added a gold halo (those cheap gold wedding rings in the wedding section at Michaels).

  6. Finally, I added a hanger on the back the same color of ribbon as under the chin area.

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