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Christmas Word Scramble Game


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Christmas Word Scramble Game

Christmas Word Scramble Game

Sherri Osborn
Print out this Christmas themed word scramble game. You can try to solve it yourself before you print out the answer key or you can print out several pages and play it with other people. This is a great game to play at a Christmas party, in a classroom, or any other group setting.

Supplies Needed:

Preparations Needed Before the Game:

To get this game ready to be played, all you need to do it print out the word scramble game:

Don't forget to print out the answer sheet for the Christmas word scramble game when you need it:

How to Play the Game:

To play this Christmas scramble game, you simply need to print out a game sheet and provide a pen or pencil for each person. When playing with a group of people, time the game. Give them 5 minutes to figure out as many words as they can. Of course, you can adjust that time how ever you like. Who ever gets to most words right, wins the game.

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