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Free Mosaic Craft Projects


Jumping right into making a project is a great way to learn how to make mosaics. Gather your supplies, read though my mosaic how-to, and then try your hand at one or more of these mosaic projects.

Colorful Mosaic Vase

Colorful Mosaic Vase Craft
Follow these instructions and learn how to make a mosaic vase using scraps of paper and Mod Podge.

Decoupage Puzzle Pot Project

Decoupage Puzzle Pot Project
You can use puzzle pieces as your tessarae for this unique Mosaic project.

Egg Shell Mosaic Project

Egg Shell Mosaic Project
Learn how to make fun pictures using mosaic techniques and pieces of colored egg shells.

Mosaic Button Tin

Mosaic Button Tin Craft
This is a great mosaic project for a beginner to try. Cover the top of an Altoid mint tin, or any small container, with grout and buttons.

Mosaic Goldfish Craft

Mosaic Goldfish Craft Project
Discover how even the youngest kids can enjoy practicing mosaic techniques by making this fun goldfish picture.

Mosaic Leaf Bracelet

Mosaic Leaf Bracelet Project
A visitor named Jennifer explains how to make this bracelet that ends up looking like a mosaic.

Mosaic Marble Planter

Mosaic Marble Planter Craft Project
Discover how easy it is to make elegant planters out of flat gem stones and mosaic techniques.

Mosaic Mirror Project

Mosaic Mirror Project
Check out how a visitor named Sue made this amazing home decor piece using a broken mirror.

Mosaic Stepping Stones

Mosaic Stepping Stone Projects
Check out all of the homemade stepping stones in this collection that were made using mosaic techniques and supplies.

Mosaic Tin Can Vase or Planter

Mosaic Tin Can Vase or Planter Project
Learn how you can easily transform an old tin can into a masterpiece.

Re-Made Diffuser Bottle

Re-Made Diffuser Bottle Project
Stella explains how she transformed an empty diffuser bottle into a colorful and useful work of art using glass pieces and mosaic techniques.

Shredded Paper Mosaic

Shredded Paper Mosaic
Learn how you can make a unique mosaic using shredded paper.
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