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Paper Mache Ideas

Fun and Unique Paper Mache Ideas


If you are interested in learning how to paper mache, one of the first things you need to do it find a project to make. Browse through this collection of ideas to see if any of them spark your interested.

Ant Hill Craft

Paper Mache Ant Hill
A bottle and a paper plate is what is used for the base of this unique science craft.

Cat-In-The-Hat Craft

Paper Mache Cat-In-The-Hat
You can easily make this adorable Cat-in-the-Hat using little more than a light bulb and a toilet paper roll.

Easter Bunny Pinata

Paper Mache Easter Bunny Pinata
Use these directions and you can make a cute Easter bunny to fill with treats. It will add a fun activity to your Easter get-together.

Easter Egg Basket

Paper Mache Easter Egg Basket
Learn how you can use a balloon as a base to make a basket that is shaped like half of an egg.

Easter Island Man Letterbox

Paper Mache Easter Island Man Letterbox
Sue from Australia was nice enough to share this amazing paper mache mailbox that she made. Read through her tutorial and try to make your own.

Face Mask Craft

Paper Mache Idea Face Mask
Learn how to use aluminum foil and paper mache techniques to make a mask using your face as a mold.

Fairy Pinata

Paper Mache Fairy Pinata
Brenda, a visitor, shared how she crafted this adorable fairy pinata any girl would be excited to have at a birthday party.

Happy Snowman Face

Paper Mache Snowman Face
Can you tell by looking that this snowman face is made out of a light bulb? The hat, which is actually a baby sock, makes a nice finishing touch.

Leprechaun Craft

Paper Mache Leprechaun Craft Idea
You can make your own lucky Leprechaun and then see if he will lead you to his pot of gold.

Light Bulb Alien

Paper Mache Idea Alien
All you need to create this cute alien is a light bulb, some craft foam, some paint, and basic paper mache supplies. You can use it as a decoration or in an outer space project.
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