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How to Make Paper Plate Crafts


The next time you are in the mood to make a cheap and easy craft project, why not make a craft using paper plates? I have many craft projects posted, for paper plates and also styrofoam and plastic plates. If you have a favorite craft made using a plate of any sort, make sure you take a moment to submit it.

Advent Hand Print Wreath

Advent Hand Print Wreath
Use a paper plate as the base for this Christmas wreath made from hand prints cut from green paper.

Advent Santa Beard

Advent Santa Beard
Follow these instructions and you can make Santa's face on a paper plate. His beard is actually the advent calendar part of this craft and that is made using paper rings.

Bat Treat Cup

Bat Treat Cup
This cute little bat is made out of a tin can and he has wings made out of a paper plate.

Bunny Easter Basket

Bunny Easter Basket Craft
A paper plate, folded in half, is the perfect body for this cute little bunny. make sure you leave an opening in the top to put Easter treats into.

Butterfly Paper Plate

Paper Plate Butterfly
Follow these directions and learn how to construct a butterfly using a paper plate as the wings and a cardboard roll as the body.

CD Daisy Puppet

CD Daisy Puppet Craft
This craft not only recycles a paper plate, it also recycled an orphaned sock and an unwanted CD.

Cereal Rainbow

Cereal Rainbow Craft
Use half a paper plate as the base for creating this rainbow out of colorful cereal. I used fruity loops, but you can use any kinds of colorful cereal.

Clock Craft

Clock Craft
Construct a clock out of a paper plate and you can help your kids learn how to tell time.

Elephant Puppet

Elephant Puppet Craft
Cut a hole in the center of a paper plate and then decorate it to look like an elephant's face. When you are ready to play with this puppet, simply slip your arm into the hole to be the trunk.

Fall Scarecrow Decoration

Fall Scarecrow Decoration
This amazing scarecrow craft is made by recycling a variety of items. The body is made from a paper bag and it's face is a paper plate. You can attach a hanger to his back to use as a, well, hanger.
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