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Fast, Fun, and Easy Fabric Flowers

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Fast, Fun, and Easy Fabric Flowers

The Bottom Line

Using this book, you can create your own garden full of brightly-colored fabric flowers. You can make flowers that match your decor, flowers that show your school spirit, flowers that honor your favorite sports team, flowers to give as gifts, and flowers for just about any other reason you can think of.
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  • Unlimited, creative possibilities
  • Great for all ages
  • They really are fast, fun, and easy


  • None


  • Softcover book with 64 jam-packed pages.
  • Easy to understand directions and helpful colored photos.
  • Directions to help you make 9 styles of flowers plus many more variations.

Guide Review - Fast, Fun, and Easy Fabric Flowers

I was anxious to try the projects offered in this book. I found the directions easy to understand and the photographs helpful. The list and explanations of the basic materials and supplies needed are complete and concise. The book is also full of great fast, fun, and easy tips and hints.

The flowers in this book can be as simple or as detailed as you like. They can be modified for a beginner or young child or be made detailed enough for an expert crafter. You do not need to know how to sew, but stitching can be added for a more sophisticated look.

The author gives directions for nine specific flowers to make, including a daisy, sunflower, day lily, and orchid. The basic directions gives you wonderful results or you can embellish to your hearts content. Not only do these flowers make lovely decorations and act as great conversation pieces, they can also be transformed into fun jewelry, magnets, and just about anything else you can think of!

These flowers are a great way to play with fun color combinations and also a fun way to use larger fabric scraps you might have laying around. I bet you can't make just one...

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