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Princess of Death Costume

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Missy Henderson made this costume out of an old prom dress and some items she had around her dorm room.
Princess of Death Costume

Princess of Death Costume

Submitted by Missy Henderson
"I made this costume last year when I was living in a dorm (not a lot of stuff to work with). I used my prom dress that I'd designed for my senior prom. After I designed the dress, my mom and I found a similar pattern and altered certain parts of it, so I used that dress to be a princess of death for Halloween. I made the hat by making a cone shape out of poster board to fit my head. I put on some of the left over black fabric from my dress to cover the poster board. I then put sheer maroon fabric through the hole in the top of the hat, and used a hot glue gun to put some fabric around the base of the hat. I think it was pretty successful.. " ~ Missy

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