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Doctor Survival Kit


How to Make a Survival Kit For a Doctor or Medical Student
How to Make a Doctor Survival Kit

Doctor Survival Kit

Sherri Osborn
This unique doctor survival kit makes a great gift for someone just finishing up with medical school or even for someone who has been a doctor for a long time. This is a creative gift that is fast and easy to throw together, and sure to be a hit with everyone. You can use a plastic sandwich baggie to hold your survival kit items and print out the bag tag templates; or, place them in a small box or container and print out the label I created (both available below).

Materials Needed for Each Survival Kit:

  • Survival Kit Contents (See List Below)
  • Paper or Card Stock
  • Printer or Pen
  • Small Container or Zip-Top Sandwich Bag
  • Items to Decorate (Optional)
  • Stapler (If you use a zip-top sandwich bag) or Craft Glue (For any other Container)
  • Scissors


If you are using a small container, such as a box or jar, decide if and how you want to decorate it. The best option might be to simply paint it. If you are using a zip-top sandwich bag, you don't need to do anything to it yet.

Gather together the survival kit contents below and place them in your container or zip-top sandwich bag. You only need just one of each item per survival kit. You don't have to use the same items I do; however, if you want to use one of my printable labels or bag tags, you need to use all of these items.

  • Lifesaver Candy: To remind you that you are a real life saver.
  • Small, Plastic Maze: To remind you that what you do is truly amazing.
  • Butterfingers Candy Bar: Here's hoping you never have a case of your own.
  • Stick of Gum: To help you get through a sticky situation.
  • Sugar: In case you ever have to sugar coat things.
  • Tissues: For those times when you have to dry tears.
  • Toothpick: To help pry open your sleepy eyes during long shifts.
  • Starburst Candy: For when you need a quick burst of energy.
  • Candle: For the times when you feel completely burnt out.
  • Jolly Rancher: To remind you to laugh on days you feel like crying.
  • String: To help you tie things together when it feels like everything is falling apart.
  • 100 Grand Candy Bar: To cover those patients that can't pay their bill.
  • Snickers Candy Bar: To remind you that laughter really is the best medicine.
  • Aspirin: When all else fails, take two and call me in the morning.

When possible, use miniature versions of the candy bars and any other items listed. See if you can find the single packs of aspirin that contain 2 pills. Use a piece of string or yarn about a foot long. Small plastic mazes can easily be found in at party supply stores or in the party section of larger stores. Buy a small package of tissues or simply include a single tissue. Use a small packet of sugar like what you would find in a restaurant. You can use a tea light candle of even a birthday candle.

Now you need to print a label for your container or a tag for your zip-top bag...

If You are Using a Container:

Download and print out the container label below. This label lists and explains all of the items included in your survival kit. You can download either the JPG version or PDF version of this label template. Right click on your desired version here and then save it to your computer:

For the best results, make sure your printer is set to print the actual size of the image (at 100% size). The label measures 5" x 5". You can adjust the size as needed, but you may lose some quality. Cut out the label and then you can attach it to the container using small dabs of glue spaced evenly around the edges of the paper. You can also just place the label inside of your container with all of the survival kit items.

If You are Using a Zip-Top Sandwich Bag:

If you are using a plastic, zip-top sandwich bag to hold your survival kit items, you will want to use one of my printable bag tags. They are created to print out 7" x 7", which is the width of the sandwich bags I had in my kitchen.

Download and print out either the JPG version or PDF version, preferably on card stock:

For the best results, make sure your printer is set to print the actual size of the image (at 100% size). As I mentioned above, the printed bag tag should measure 7" x 7". The template is created to be the same width as a sandwich bag and to fold over the top of the bag, with about 2-inches showing on the front of the bag and 5-inches on the back.

Cut out the bag tag. Fold it over the top of the filled zip-lock bag and staple it in place. If you want to see what a finished bag looks like, check out this hockey player's survival kit.

Your doctor's survival kit is now ready to give. This unique homemade gift will certainly be a hit with not only the person you present it to, but with everyone else who sees it.

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