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50 Craft Ideas for Boys

Ideas for Crafts Boys Will Enjoy Making


Clay Pot Frog

Clay Pot Frog Craft
For some reason it seems that boys and frogs go together. Let your boy craft his own frogs out of flower pots.

Clay Pot Spider

Clay Pot Spider Craft
This little spider is so easy to make. All you need is a clay pot, chenille stems, and paint.

Craft Stick Pencil Holder

making Crafts with Boys
Most boys love building anything out of craft sticks. If they aren't sure what to make, show them the directions for making this pencil holder.

Dog Craft Foam Visor

Making Crafts with Boys
Learn how to make a visor that is fashioned after man's best friend or should we say boy's best friend?

Dog Ears Headband

Making Crafts with Boys
All you need to make these dog ears is some paper and a stapler. Of course, you may also want some crayons or markers to color them with.

Easy Hat Organizer

If your son has too many baseball caps have them make this holder, made by a visitor named Sue, that can be used to keep them organized.

Flaming Puck Pin or Magnet

Make crafts with Boys
This is a great project for a hockey fan to make no matter what season it is.

Flying Saucer

Flying Saucer Crafts for Boys
Let everyone in the family have fun by creating their own unique flying saucers.

Flyswatter Painting

Making Crafts with Boys
Let your kids experiment with making different designs by dipping a flyswatter in paint.

Football Player

Football Player Craft
This is a fun craft for a football fan. Make them to decorate your house for a Super Bowl party or they would make fun decorations for a sports-themed birthday party.
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