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Making Musical Instruments

How to Make Musical Instruments and Other Music Crafts


To make great music, you do not need to be a professional musician. There are no lessons needed, or long hours of practice. Not only can you make music, you can make your own musical instruments. Pick your favorite musical projects below and make a one-person-band. Better yet, gather all your friends together, make some instruments, and start your own orchestra.

Bowl Tambourine

Follow these instructions and you can learn how to craft a tambourine out of a couple of bowls.

Finger Cymbals

Finger Cymbals
Learn how you can make some miniature cymbals out of two baby food jar lids and some elastic.

Flower Shaker Craft

Music Crafts
A visitor shared these instructions for crafting a noise shaker that looks like a flower.

Light Bulb Maraca

Light Bulb Maraca Craft
Discover how you can use a spent light bulb, a toilet paper roll, and paper mache techniques to make a maraca you can decorate.

Musical Bottle

Musical Bottle
This musical instrument is fast and easy to make and can double as a game.

Paper Plate Noise Maker

Music Crafts
Follow these instructions and you can make a fun noise paper by folding a paper plate in half and adding some beans and tissue paper.

Paper Plate Tambourine

Paper Plate Tambourine
Learn how to make this simple tambourine out of two paper plates.

Paper Towel Roll Hand Bells

Paper Towel Roll Hand Bells
This tutorial explains to turn turn an ordinary paper towel roll into a set of bells.

Shoe Box Guitar

Shoe Box Guitar
Follow these instructions and learn how you can craft a unique guitar using a show box, a paper towel roll, and a few other supplies.
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