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I picked out these craft projects especially for kids from age 11 to age 14. Those kids sometimes referred to as 'Tweens' or preteens. This is a tough age and here are some fun crafts to hopefully bring smiles to their faces. The best judge as to whether your child can handle these crafts or not is you. For this age group, you might also want to check out craft projects for elementary-aged kids or craft projects for teens. If you have other age groups you want to find craft projects for, check out my lists of favorite crafts for different ages. For even more craft fun with your tween, check out these craft kits.

Beaded Friendship Bracelets

Beaded Friendship Bracelets
Gather together all your friends and you can all make a bracelet for each other.

Beaded Safety Pins

Beaded Safety Pins
Read this tutorial and learn how to make beaded safety pins and then browse through dozens of free patterns you can use.

Bleach Your Own Jeans

Bleach Your Own Jeans Tween craft
Learn how to use ordinary household bleach to make designs on your jeans.

Button Jewelry

Button Jewelry Craft
These instructions explain how to make bracelets and rings out of buttons and elastic thread.

CD Case Photo Book

CD Case Brag Book Craft
This miniature photo album is a great way to carry around photos and it would also make a fun gift for someone special.

Cell Phone Pouch

Cell Phone Pouch Craft
Use felt and a needle and thread to whip up a handy case you can carry your phone around in.

Chalkboard Storage Box Craft

Chalkboard Storage Box Craft
Follow these directions and you can personalize an old box using chalkboard paint.

Colorful Beach Towel Craft

Colorful Beach Towel Craft
You can use the techniques shared here to make a colorful beach towel or just a bath towel.

Craft Foam CD Holder

Craft Foam CD Holder
Do you have an orphan CD whose case broke? If you are in need of a case to hold a single CD or DVD, discover how easy it is to make one using this project sheet.

Craft Stick Vase or Pencil Holder

Craft Stick Vase or Pencil Holder
You can make a simple pencil holder or vase using craft sticks; however, if you use some paint or markers, you can make a colorful craft stick vase or pencil holder.
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