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How to Make Christmas Tree Ornaments Using Puzzle Pieces


Create your own unique ornaments for your Christmas tree or other holiday decorating needs by recycling old jigsaw puzzle pieces. You can use the ideas and directions I provide on these project sheets to create a variety of ornaments. Use my projects as inspiration to create your own designs.

Candy Cane Ornament

Sherri Osborn
Make this adorable candy cane ornament using red and white painted puzzle pieces or use whatever colors you like.

Christmas Tree Ornament

Make this Christmas tree ornament that looks like a Christmas tree. Decorate it with any small craft supplies you have.

Reindeer Ornament

Sherri Osborn
This cute reindeer is made using two puzzle pieces, painted brown, and a few other basic craft supplies. Make one for each of Santa's reindeer, and don't forget Rudolph.

Santa Hat Ornament

Sherri Osborn
My Santa's hat, shown here, is made using red and white puzzle pieces but you can make hats using whatever colors you like.

Snowflake Ornament

Sherri Osborn
White puzzle pieces can be transformed into sparkling snowflakes using a little bit of white or silver glitter. These would also make fun suncatchers hanging in your window. This how-to video shows you another way to make this ornament.

Snowman Ornament

Sherri Osborn
Besides white puzzle pieces, you need just basic craft supplies to make this snowman. You can use the same supplies I used or substitute whatever you have on hand.

Star Ornament

Sherri Osborn
The glitter on this ornament will catch everyone's eyes as it hangs on your tree or where ever you put it.

Wreath Ornament

Sherri Osborn
Create a small wreath like mine for your Christmas tree, and then, if you are really inspired, create a large puzzle piece wreath to hang on your door.
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