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Valentine Boxes to Make

How to Create Valentine Boxes to Collect Cards and Treats


If you want to or need to make a Valentine box or container, check out all of these ideas. You can make Valentine boxes, and other containers, out of a variety of household items and craft supplies. No matter if you are buying Valentines, making Valentines, or printing your own Valentine's Day cards, making a personalized box to collect your cards and treats in is a must.

Heart Pocket Valentine's Day

Heart Pocket Valentine's Day
While this isn't a box, it is a very popular Valentine's Day craft to make and use for collecting cards and treats. If you like, you can use a strip of construction paper to make a handle for your heart.

Make a Shoebox Mailbox

Make a Shoebox Valentine Mailbox
Use a shoe box to make a container you can use to collect all of your Valentine's Day cards. You can cover it with construction paper or paint it. Decorate it with stickers, pictures cut from magazines, designs cut from old Valentine's Day cards, or anything else you can think of.

Paper Plate Heart Pocket

Paper Plate Heart Pocket Valentine Box
Follow these directions and learn how to make a heart out of two paper plates. A third paper plate is required for the handle. The plates form a pocket you can use to collect cards.

Recycled Laundry Box Mailbox

Recycled Laundry Box Valentine Mailbox Craft
Cover an empty laundry box with white Con-tact paper and decorate it with heart shapes and letters cut out of construction paper.

Valentine's Day Bag Templates

Valentine's Day Bag Templates
Choose from four different bag designs you can download and print out. All you have to do is cut out the template and assemble the bag. There is even a plain bag you can coloring in however you like.

Valentine's Day Box Templates

Valentine's Day Box Templates
These printable boxes might be a little too small to collect cards in but they are perfect for collecting or giving treats in. of course, you can blow up the pattern to make a bigger box, or use the template as a guide to create your own larger box.

Valentine's Day Card Collector Can

Valentine's Day Card Collector Can Craft
You can use an oatmeal container as a box to collect cards and treats. You can keep it simple like the one I made using construction paper and heart stickers, or use you imagination to make it as fancy as you like.

Woven Heart Baskets

Woven Heart Baskets
This craft video shows you how to use weaving techniques and craft foam to make colorful heart pockets for Valentine's Day.
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