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Duct Tape Evening Clutch Craft

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By http://kidswonderart.blogspot.com

Duct Tape Evening Clutch Craft

Girlie Girl Evening Clutch

Name of Project

Evening Clutch

Ages This Project is Suitable For

8+ years

Approximate Time Required to Complete This Project

60 - 90 minutes

Materials Needed

duct tape in two colors

colored stones for decorating


colorful ribbon for handle


1. Cut strips of duct tape to the size you want - I cut 8 inch strips. 2. Place the first 2 strips sticky side together. Working from this first section, cut the third strip and place it about 1/4 inch on the first section. Turn over and lay out the fourth strip placing it sticky sides together.3. Continue step #2 until you have six sections taped together. 4. Fold up the strips a little more than half - this should leave enough for the purse cover to close.5. Using a contrasting color, cut a strip to fit the side of the purse to seal the edges. I used a 3 inch piece and placed half on the front and fold it over the back. This will seal the purse.6. Now leave the top of the purse open, fold the purse in half to cut the corners of the cover on the diagonal.7. Lay out the purse and flat and place an eyelet in the corner to place the ribbon for a handle.8. Now you can decorate the purse with your favorite jewels. I bought bling that had adhesive on the back which attached very easily.

Tips and Tricks

  • Decide on the colors you would like to make your purse. Purchase them on sale or use coupons at the local craft store. Cut each strip as you need it -- I found that tearing the strips was easier than using a scissors. The glue on the tape was sticking to the scissors making it harder to cut the tape.

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