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Footprint Heart Craft

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By sylvia dsouza

Footprint Heart Craft

Heart Foot Print for Mom

Name of Project

Footprint Heart Craft for Mother's Day

Ages This Project is Suitable For


Approximate Time Required to Complete This Project


Materials Needed

paper plate

colors any crayons or poster colors(red n yellow)

paint brush

tissue paper, red and yellow

satin ribbon






pipe cleaner

paper clips


Spread the newspaper on the area to start your project, collect all material together, take the paper plate and draw the outline of your footprint and cut it out. Then, color it red, and leave it to dry. Take 15 to 20 red tissues and fold in half again and again right enough for a circle put them together then you can take a container to draw the circle. Then clip them all together with paper clips and cut them. For each flower you can take 10 circles. Put them together and make 2 holes in center with the pipe cleaner. Push the pipe cleaner into one hole and twist it to keep all circles intact. Crinkle each circle, one at a time. When all the circles have been crinkled up, you will end up with a lovely carnation Take the foot print and place the back foot over each other to make it a heart shape glue it accordingly, place the carnation at the center and tape the stem at the back. Tape the yellow satin ribbon to the back of the plate for hanging. With yellow, write Love You Mom and decorate with sequins of your choice. Mom will surely be proud of you.

Tips and Tricks

  • You can put your Mom's photo instead of the flower, you can make it a card or a hand bag using felt.

Sherri Osborn, About.com Family Crafts, says:

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