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Readers Respond: How Do You Keep Your Crafts Organized?

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Do you have a great idea for storing or organizing your craft supplies and craft projects? Please share your organization tips with everyone!

Hanging organization

I used a 3 tier hanging basket that was meant for veggies in the kitchen, to store scrap ribbon, lace and trims.
—Guest phriendlychick

Organizing tip

I store paints, ribbons, small tools, etc in boxes in which computer parts come. They are 12+ inches square and easy to stack . I made my shelves with this in mind. I have 3 x 3 on each shelf. Have six shelves. All the boxes are labelled and stored according to category. Boxes with bottles are stacked flat and the rest upright - makes it easy to take out. I have one glass cupboard just 4-inches deep, 6 feet high, and 4 wide with shelves 8 - 10 inches apart. All my medium size paint bottles and varnishes, etc go in here so I can see at a glance what is where and I don't have to look behind anything. All the decoupage and wrapping paper go on a tube made of card stock - a rope is passed thru and the whole thing hangs from a hook. No creased paper any more. Cut plastic two litre bottles are used for storing small items like buttons, colored sand, etc. These also stack well. Hanging pockets behind doors hold bills, etc and baskets hang from hooks under cabinets. Recyling, reusing, and repurposing is my hobby.
—Guest pravs2k

organizing tips

I keep all of my small supplies in zip-lock bags and then in a clear 3 drawer plastic cart. The drawers are organized by topic: embroidery, drawing, etc.
—Guest dedwards

Clear Boxes

I find the clear boxes which washing gel come in ideal for keeping things of a similar type and containers from single dips ideal for beads.

Ribbon Cage

For a shabby chic organizer, use a birdcage to fit with dowels and ribbon spools. -Kimberly W

CD Storage rack for Crafts Storage

Re-purpose a plastic CD rack for craft storage. Find at thrift stores for 1.99-2.99. With craft store foam core board, or box cardboard, cut 5x5 squares to use as shelves. Insert and place items for storage or display.

Crafting in small spaces

I don't have a room to store items in, but I bought a shoe organizer, that hangs on the back of doors. I keep all my items in it, It's see thru & they are easy to find.
—Guest Alice

3M Command Hooks

I just had to share this... I was sitting here looking at my collection of "too-many" home-made purses wondering where to put them and then I remembered to package of 3M command hooks (the kind with the tab you can pull to easily remove them). I lined the inside of one of my closet doors with the hooks and hung up all of the purses. Not only are they now nicely organized, but my hubby can't see them and start asking me if I really "need" another purse! :-)

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