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Readers Respond: How Do You Save Money on Craft Supplies?

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Do you have a favorite money saving tip or technique when it comes to crafting? If so, you can help other people become a frugal crafter! Please take a moment to share your ideas for saving money on craft supplies and more.

Saving money on crafting

I use all the things I have in the house to use in my crafting, I use meat trays you get from the grocery store , I use card board boxes from cereal or mac and cheese and cracker boxes.
—Guest Laurel Sweney

cards/folded scrapbook sheets

I pick up attractive scrapbook sheets (which are a bit sturdier that ordinary stationery) on sale, fold 2- 6 times creatively (but not like origami) and write, print or stamp greetings and designs on plain side. Average cost less than 40 cents per card using stamps already owned. Alphabet stencils aid in printing messages.
—Guest Antie

First stop, and think outside the kit

My first stop in any store is the clearance aisle. The item you need might be there, or it might be part of a kit that is cheaper than just buying the individual item. I also pick up kits at the thrift store so I can use the items in them with other projects,ie, wool yarn from a thrifted needlepoint kit gets combed out to use as roving. Thrifted costume jewelry also yields a multitude of embellishments(charms,gems,etc.) to use.
—Guest Anne Voss

Bead Supplies

At yard sales, you can purchase necklaces, bracelets, etc. and take them apart to use the stones/beads to make earrings or whatever. It is a very cheap source of beads.
—Guest Mulberry204

Save money on craft supplies

I am always looking for items in thrift stores that can be used in new and different ways. My favorite is a roll of striped foil wallpaper that was purchased for $1.99 and has been used for about 15 cards thus far, with a lot of paper still remaining for many more. The fun has been deciding how to use it next, and no two cards have been alike.
—Guest meg

Dollar store

The dollar store sometimes has really good crafting items for cheap. I once got a Marvy Uchida hole punch there for $1! There's also rubber stamps, paper goods, pom poms and foam sheets there!

Sunday Coupons

Michael's craft store usually has a special insert in the Sunday paper, with coupons for items of your choice. You can save quite a bit if you take advantage of the coupons.

Coffee Filters Aging

Spritz coffee or tea on a coffee filter and let dry for an aged or vintage look. The filters can be torn, sewed on, and stamped on.
—Guest Jan Hennings

Dew Drops Look-A-Likes

Darice makes a Product called "Lustre Gems" and they're just like Dew Drops but a fraction of the cost. These are usually found in the Floral Department and can be colored with alcohol inks or Copic Markers.
—Guest Jan Hennings

Making your own 'glue dots'

You can easily make your own glue dots using Aleene's, Tack Over and Over glue. Apply small or large dots on a non-stick surface such as acetate. Let dry and PRESTO~Glue dots. Must be the Tack Over and Over Glue.
—Guest Jan Hennings

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