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Readers Respond: Your Creative Travel Games and Crafts

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Whether you travel by car, plane, or any other form of transportation, long trips can be hard on families. Share your family's favorite travel games, crafts, and other activities.

Child's Passport

Combining the idea of a photo journal, journal, and city postal stamp into a child's passport. I copy & pasted a picture of a real passport into word, and created my own passport with blank pages to write the city, state and a place for a postal stamp (go to local post office and have them "cancle" stamp their passport), lines for writing about where they visited, and pages for photos or drawings.


This are really great suggestions but I think long travels are nowadays is not boredom anymore because of the gadgets like ipods, laptops, psp, cell phones and many more but for me I would rather follow your travel games it somehow create bonds to your family.
—Guest blazer45

Travel Games

We used to try getting the numbers from the license plates in order 0,1,2,etc. As the kids got older they could do math using only once any numbers on a plate to get the number needed. It was a challenge who could get the next number and also taught them to think quickly and use math. They loved doing it. Another learning game is alphabet from billboards or store signs.
—Guest Nancy S

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